Dating 2.0: Chasing Butterflies of Love

Meet someone on the Internet, it is possible and the options are many: from the pure love to licentiousness through communalism based on religion or tastes. And these meetings are rarely free, or partially so: yes for women, no for men. Otherwise, the subscription ranges from 7 euros to 59.90 euros per month depending on the person contacted and offered services. Thus, sites that offer a preliminary psychological profiling to optimize the chances of contacting with people you supposed to match are more expensive than those that are limited to services or webcam chat.

Technical precautions to surf safely

To surf safely on dating sites, some precautions should be taken:
– Focusing on « big dating sites » that are secured in terms of privacy and security of payment:  the telephone numbers and email addresses are never disclosed without prior consent of the person concerned;
– Never respond to requests for money;
– If in doubt about a person, capturing his photo and made a search on Google Image, history of flushing out any « escort girls » or « escort-boys »;
– In the worst cases, those who think being a victim of an attempted scam can still join the police (Tel: 08 11 02 02 17 or www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr).

These technical premises mentioned, it should address the reasons for the appeal of such sites. Perhaps it must be closer to the success of Valentine’s Day which, for some, is the second most important date in the year after the Christmas festivities and for others, a simple marketing plan to consume love fantasy and its derivative products. Of romanticism and utilitarianism are emerging both poles of the continuum of love on the Internet?
In all cases, we must first clearly define our expectations not to dream in vain.

Clearly define your expectations

So frustrated for not going out an internet dating, you must first clearly define your expectations without mistake. Indeed, the « emotional » risks can be of three kinds:

1) The idealization:
More time you spend behind the screen, the further you go back confrontation with reality, and therefore it disguises a reality without saying that when the physical encounter may lead to shared disappointment, each trapped in decoy Internet love. Better first be honest with his profile with a little blurb and display a picture of you smiling but which does appear blurred considerably as users registered with the site or the person you want to meet.

2) The relational consumerism:
When you are put online profile on a dating site, you are exposed to public auction with an artificial system that can quote quickly turn into « separation anxiety » especially if one does not response or fewer that what is hoped. For thus does the law of supply and demand on dating sites.

3) The search for the alter ego
It is found that using the Internet to meet someone pushes most often preferred another self, to seek his alter ego away from the relationship and the differences that inevitably obscure the other ends of which are anyway up meeting for real and can lead to an « emotional surprise. »

One thing is almost certain by going on a dating site, you risk having sex a priori granted or maybe more.

Sex or maybe more

Go on a dating site, is marking the defeat of our Western fairy tales teach us that true love falls like magic on us. Is to admit the disenchantment of Cupid was not his chosen? So we rely on proof online by « matching algorithms. »
Yet this innovation appears to be some deception as there is ample evidence that relationships are positively related to the well-being. Thus the truth of love would it be on the plate. Anyway that’s what Dana thinks Cowin, editor of the magazine Food and Wine, passionate and longtime observer of feeding behavior. She argues that food preferences are a strong indication of compatibility. She thinks there should be a dating service based on food.

Tell me what you like to eat and I’ll tell you who to love?

That said, the idea that food and personality are closely linked is not new. Ayurvedic medicine, in traditional India, identifies three main personality types, each associated with different types of foods that are supposed to improve its dominant features.

In these times of global recession which has sometimes its own  paradoxical effect on people’s eating habits, perhaps more than ever, you are what you eat.
A hypothesis supporting the connection compatibility food / romantic maybe what matters most is not what you eat but how you feel about it.
More broadly, eating habits and tastes, like love, are a central element of our human experience. The food is a significant part of the quality of our lives. And like all our behaviors, our tendency to eat rapidly or slowly, to prefer sweets or salty, to shop at the farmer’s market or a supermarket, are expressions of self that should provide significant clues for us are, if we could only learn to decipher them.

So ladies, when you go to do your shopping on a dating site like AdopteUnMec.com, before filling your cart, and to ensure you find your best suitor to your taste, check first that you have predispositions for same food…

Attention to the « syndrome of male Drosophila »

Remember that the old saying is that « we do not catch flies with vinegar » or else watch the « syndrome of Drosophila male sexually frustrated » …
The scientific experimentation has shown that male flies that had been pushed sexually pounced on alcoholic liquid nutrients, absorbing large quantities. By cons, males were filled with food mainly consumed non-alcoholic.

So ladies, you have to share the pleasures of the flesh in a broad sense with your conquest of a day on the Internet knowing that it can turn into a butterfly of love forever!

Bon appetit.

Anne-Marie Champoussin

French version here

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